Australia emits 28.1 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per person, the highest per capita level in the developed world and five times more per person than China
The 2009-2010 Queensland Budget has allocated $1,758 million to coal subsidies and expansions compared to $74 million for climate change initiatives and renewables.
The Queensland Government has committed $15.6 billion of taxpayers’ money in a slush fund to meet the infrastructure needs of the Queensland coal industry over the next 20 years
85% of Queensland’s coal production is exported, which means that the greenhouse gas emissions from this coal are not counted as Australian emissions
The Queensland Government’s 2008-2009 budget commits $700 million to expanding the coal industry, but only $35 million investment in renewable energy and only $30 million for all of the government’s climate change initiatives
Queensland’s coal exports alone are roughly equal to those of Canada, the USA and China combined
The coal company Xstrata plans to turn the township of Wandoan into the largest open-cut coal mine in the southern hemisphere
The current expansion plans for Queensland coal will increase greenhouse gas emissions roughly equivalent to the total carbon dioxide emissions of Italy each year
The Queensland government funds a clean coal propaganda campaign that specifically targets school children
The Queensland Government has plans to more than double our coal exports by 2030
That the annual greenhouse gas reduction from changing 20 million 60- watt incandescent light bulbs to energy saving fluorescents is completely negated by the Queensland coal industry in 32 hours
Current expansion plans for Queensland coal exports will emit an additional 460 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere per year – equivalent to the annual emissions of 65 average coal-fired power stations
Taking every registered vehicle in Australia (11.4 million vehicles) off the road for a whole year would be equivalent of shutting down the coal industry for just 47 days
The coal port currently under construction at Wiggins Island will make Gladstone the 2nd largest coal port in the world
Recent expansion of Dalrymple Bay makes Mackay home to the largest coal port on Earth
The emissions generated by the burning of Queensland coal globally produces more than 2.3 times the combined domestic emissions for the entire state, including power generation, transport, agriculture and industry
23.8% of Queensland's land area is covered with exploration permits.
The coal industry in Queensland only employs about 19,200 people – about 4,000 less than the number of people who work at Target department stores in Australia
In 2008, the state’s 54 coal mines produced a record 188 million tonnes of coal
We are the largest coal exporting state in the largest coal exporting country in the world
Farming land and nature refuges have no legal protection against proposed coal mines

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