Climate Justice

Climate Change Dialogues in Wandoan, QueenslandClimate change is one of the key social justice issues of our time.

For the past 150 years industrialised Minority World nations[1] have grossly over-consumed fossil fuels, and subsequently produced the majority of the world's greenhouse gases.  Currently, Australians are consuming carbon resources at a rate approximately 18 times greater than is our fair share. 

This not only compromises the future of humans and other species, it also exacerbates existing global inequalities and vulnerabilities such as poverty, economic injustice, conflict, and incidences of diseases such as malaria.

Climate Justice is a people-centred, rights-based approach to climate change.  As well as ensuring that the earth can support future generations, it requires those who are historically responsible for climate change and have benefited from carbon-intensive development to take responsibility for its impacts. 
It demands that the root causes of climate change are addressed: inequality, the paradigm of unlimited growth, and a neo-liberal agenda that continues to drive the over-consumption and exploitation of the world's resources by Minority World countries.

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1We do not use the terms ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ nations because we challenge the assumption that certain types of development are both achievable and desirable.  Additionally, ‘development’ by a global few over the last 200 years is responsible for the climate crisis we face today.