Coal-onial collapse gig: this Wednesday!

This event is part of the Colony Collapse Tour -

Rebellious bees from Turtle Island (North America) have landed in Oz to do some much-needed cross-pollination. They'll be be bringing stories of people's movements, earth defense, decolonization and solidarity, as well as high-energy hip-hop, spoken word, and graphic storytelling to all rebel hives that will receive them.

Wednesday, 23rd January 2013 at 7:00 pm
Upstairs at 199 Boundary St, West End
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> Testament from Test Their Logic (Canada)
> Run Pig Run
> Gerald Keaney
+ more

Beehive Design Collective 'The True Cost of Coal' presented by Saku.

Brisbane Solidarity Network, 4ZZZ and 6 Degrees (Friends of the Earth) stalls.

Gold Coin Donation.

Featuring: Testament & Saku
Testament is a rapper and author as well as an active participant in anti-authoritarian movements in North America. He is one half of Test Their Logik: North America's most widely-known anarchist hip-hop group. They exploded onto the scene in 2010 with their song "Crash the Meeting" which went on to become the theme song and chant of resistance to the G20 summit in their hometown of Toronto that year. They've released a full-length studio album entitled "A" through Crimethinc. and are set to release the follow-up album “Be” in early 2013.

Saku is a long-time mining justice organizer, a co-founder of and a contributor to She has toured extensively with the Beehive Collective sharing their intricate graphic narrative pieces with audiences across Turtle Island. The tour will highlight the Beehive's latest poster “The True Cost of Coal.”