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Climate policy

To prevent catastrophic climate change, Six Degrees is campaigning for a powerful people's movement for change. We want to foster a movement and narrative strong enough that it is no longer politically feasible for the state or federal governments to prop up economically unviable fossil fuel projects and to continue to suppress renewables.



Policy Asks


Six Degrees asks the Queensland Government to commit to the following policies:

  1. No new coal fired power stations;


Acland's Future

Highly experienced Sustainable Systems Consultant Trevor Berrill has been working with Six Degrees and the Acland community on a detailed, sustainable vision for the town. Please have a look at the report share the infographic via social media!

Download the report -
Facebook link for infographic -


2013: our Hottest Year on Record

We hope you're coping ok with the heat.

Today the Bureau of Meteorology announced that 2013 was the hottest year in Australia's recorded history. It's worth checking out their climate statement here.

From a sweltering summer to a very warm winter, we all knew it wasn't an ordinary year. Thresholds like this are being crossed more and more, and it is up to us to ensure that they don't slip by quietly. This isn't just a random event but a warning sign that must not be missed.


Coal Carols 2013

We hope you can join us for our 2013 coal caroling on Friday 20th of December.

To the tune of Jingle Bells

Dashing through approvals
With a fast track government
Under fields they go
Farmers to torment
Nature to destroy
Wallets all to fill
Palmer’s in the Parliament and he’s out there for the kill.

Bimblebox, Bimblebox
Clive he wants a mine
No more birds or reptiles there
Palmer thinks that’s fine, hey!
Bimblebox, Bimblebox
Digging up the land
Save our nature refuges
That’s what we all demand.

One day we’ll win the fight


Galilee Coal Basin: Newman's Fire-sale on the Climate

Campbell Newman Fire-sale on the climate and reef

Campbell Newman Fire-sale on the climate and reefAt today's Major Project Conference, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has announced a fire-sale on the climate and the Great Barrier Reef according to environment group Friends of the Earth Brisbane.


Climate Connections Speaking Tour

Everywhere in the world where the coal industry tries to open new mines, people are resisting.


We are fortunate to get a unique insight into the global coal resistance from the rainforests of Indonesian Borneo, Kalimantan, when next month Friends of the Earth Indonesia Directors and Activists visit Brisbane on their global speaking tour.


QLD road-trip to ASEN confrence

ASEN training camp is happening again in 2014.

Each year the Australian Student Environment Network organises 5 days of skillshares, networking and planning. From ending all ties between the university and fossil fuels to picking up basic facilitation skills, anyone who wants social and environmental justice on their campus and broader society will get something out of it.


Leard State Forest Blockade

Front Line Action on Coal (FLAC) is the first blockade camp of a coal mine in Australia’s history currently in its 454th day.
Information at:

The location is Leard State Forest, near Maules Creek (NSW), the biggest remnant of natural bushland on the Liverpool Plains at the foothills of Mount Kaputar.  It is expected that Whitehaven Coal will begin clearing the Leard State Forest soon.


Brisbane Climb Team - Carabiner appeal.

Buy a Carabiner

The Brisbane Climb Team currently requires 60 carabiners at $20 each.

We are currently seeking people to pledge to buy carabiners for the team.

Please lodge your pledge and once we hit 60 units we will be in touch with payment details. 



Stop the coal boats

Today Six Degrees sent the following letter to Tony Abbott - outlining a three point plan to "Stop the Coal Boats".

The letter was accompanied with 30 postcards signed by his constituents calling on him to "commit to withholding federal government approval for new coal mines in the Galilee Basin and Port expansions in the Great Barrier Reef".